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StyleList – The Surprising Strategy That Cleared My Acne

You wouldn’t know it today — but for nearly a decade, I suffered from cystic acne.

Different from the whiteheads and blackheads that afflict many a high school teenager’s morning, cystic acne is made of achingly large and swollen bumps that form nodules deep beneath the skin’s surface. You can usually feel one ‘cooking’ for awhile before it jumps out in all its crimson glory, fated to take up residence on your face for so long, I used to joke that I should start charging rent.Read More…

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Wine Enthusiast & More – An Organic Wine and Food Event

Featured in Wine Enthusiast, Serendipity Greenwich, Westchester Magazine, Suzy Said and More… Blum Center for Health, a Westchester County integrative medicine and lifestyle education center, is hosting an organic wine and food event that’s co-sponsored by Wine Enthusiast and Mike’s Organic Delivery on Friday, May 13 beginning at 7 pm.

The event will feature a four-course tasting menu made with ingredients from local Hudson Valley and New Jersey farms. Marti Wolfson, culinary director at Blum Center for Health, together with Mike Geller of Mike’s Organic Delivery and Ben Walmer of Highlands Dinner Club, will prepare organic dishes focused on cheeses, vegetables, seasonal greens, fish and meat that pair with organic wine from Wiemer Vineyards in the Finger Lakes and Cabernet donated by Wine Enthusiast.

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Well and Good NYC – What is Functional Medicine?

Integrative medicine, which draws from Eastern and Western practices for a well-rounded view of health care, has held the wellness spotlight.

But another approach called Functional medicine, popularized by physicians like Frank Lipman, MD, and Mark Hyman, MD (and their best-selling books, Revive and UltraPrevention, respectively), has been generating buzz, and might just be an improvement on the integrative model. So what’s Functional medicine all about? We investigate.Read more:

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Field Trip: Blum Center for Health

Last week, I hopped a train outta Grand Central to Rye Brook, to visit Blum Center for Health and gather lots of groovy, wellness-oriented info to file away for future use.

Of course it isn’t surprising that I’d learn so much on my little field trip. Faithful readers of this blog know that I’ve recently featured the center’s founder – integrative doc Susan Blum – as one of my Mama Gurus. Read more:

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Rye Patch – New Rye Brook Rx for Holistic Healing

Blum Center for Health focuses on personalized, comprehensive integration of mind-body-nutrition and functional medicine under one roof in new setting that recently opened in Rye Ridge Plaza.

“Physician, cure yourself” is a well- known medical adage. And Dr. Susan Blum has–healed herself, that is. Blum successfully utilized a technique called Functional Medicine and lifestyle changes to successfully  cure herself of a disease called Hashimotos Thyroiditis, an auto-immune  thyroid condition.

Blum successfully utilized a technique called Functional Medicine and lifestyle changes to successfully  cure herself of a disease called Hashimotos Thyroiditis, an auto-immune  thyroid condition.

That life-changing experience led her to found the new and innovative Blum Center for Health in Rye Brook. The center may well be the first integrative medicine and lifestyle education center in Westchester. In addition to treating patients with chronic medical conditions, the center also offers cooking, nutrition, mind/body/spirit  classes, cancer prevention, weight loss, medical detoxification and more. Read More…

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Ryebrook center’s integrated approach to chronic diseases

Those who are suffering from chronic illnesses can now find relief at the Blum Center for Health in Ryebrook, New York, which offers multidisciplinary treatment plans for each patient.
Individuals have the opportunity to participate in cooking classes and programs designed to teach useful ways to deal with stress.

Irene Mays was frustrated with daily pain from headaches and arthritis.  “I would just go to my medicine chest and start everyday with a coffee and a big fistful of meds,” she says.