Posted on – Adaptogens in Skincare: Wonder Herbs or Hyped Supplement?

Overworked, underpaid, overwhelmed, confused and lacking sufficient money, time and social entertainment. This is how most Americans feel amid a slow recovery from a damaging recession. We work more than most residents of developed nations and yet most Americans are often sick and broke. There is a need for an overhaul of our food and financial systems and yet most of us have insufficient time to churn through our never ending to-do lists, let alone conquer any other cause. So we carry on and we often get sick, because of a lack of sleep and poor nutrition. This often leads to dermatological issues, mainly, premature aging and a general ruddiness thanks to big pores and dehydrated skin. We continue to search for the quick fix, but perhaps, we are searching for the wrong solution. In the West, we often look to treat symptoms, but as many tire of the quick fix, such as antibiotics or skin peels, some suggest that dealing with internal issues may help both immune problems and external issues, such as blemishes and redness. One answer might be a burgeoning class of supplements called adaptogens.
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Healthy Style NY – Is Taking Iodine Safe?

Iodine has been a hot topic over the last few weeks as radiation becomes a top concern for many around the world. Just today news broke that traces of radioactive iodine were detected in milk right here in the US. While these traces are considered minuscule and experts say not a real concern, this again raises the question of if (and how) we should be protecting ourselves from radioactive iodine. Weeks ago we saw California residents buying out iodine tablets, leaving store shelves empty. But are iodine tablets really the best way to go? Are they completely safe? We checked in with Dr. Susan Blum of Blum Center for Health, to get the lowdown on iodine. Read More…

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Well and Good NYC – Should you stop eating gluten right now?

As far as reputations go, gluten’s has gone from bad to worse.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on the first scientific evidence showing that eating gluten—a protein found in certain grains, particularly wheat—can set off “a distinct reaction” in the intestines and immune systems of people. The findings weren’t about people with full-blown, auto-immune celiac disease—they were about folks with a mere sensitivity.Read more:

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Huffington Post – Suprising High-Sodium Foods

Your body needs sodium to function. It helps you maintain a balance of fluids, transmit nerve impulses and facilitate the contraction and relaxation of your muscles. Indeed, a recent piece in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition explained how the human body has developed numerous “failsafe mechanisms” to ensure sufficient sodium availability. At the most basic, biological level, our body wants and needs it. Read More…

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My Beautyberry – Get Juicing, Be Healthy

Dr. Susan Blum shares healthy secrets.
imageWestchester has a new wellness address, and Susan Blum, M.D., an Award-Winning Preventative Doctor, has created her dream in the newly opened Blum Center for Healthy in Rye Brook, NY. Dr. Blum, the Founder along with her team of “healing experts” has established a revolutionary approach to achieving optimal health and wellness.